About the author

Vanda Vadas

<p>Before residing in Australia, Vanda&rsquo;s birthplace and early childhood years were spent in Papua New Guinea. At the age of eleven, a holiday in England sparked an interest in the days of old. Castles, ruins and discovering Jane Austen novels inspired a life-long interest in all things historical, a passion that later kick-started Vanda&rsquo;s desire to write historical fiction.</p><p>Her locale and global visits to faraway places inspire Vanda to&nbsp;create&nbsp;fictitious characters and dramas &ndash; past and present &ndash; set against authentic and geographical backdrops.</p><p>The Gold Coast is home to Vanda and her husband where they enjoy walks along world-renowned beaches or a quiet getaway to the lush hills of the Hinterland.</p>