About the author

Denise Thompson

<p>Denise Y Thomson has over 40 years experience in nursing, teaching, coaching health and wellness and grief counseling.</p><p></p><p>While attending a private college and receiving her certification in business (while also serving as the school nurse), Denise saved two lives by recognizing the sings of blood poisoning. She urged the school administrator to take the first student to the doctor immediately and stood her ground until the administrator called the doctor and took the student there. According to the doctor, the student had maybe a few more days to live, had he not come in right then for treatment. When another student complained that she could not raise her arm, Denise saw the red line again and insisted that this student had to go see the doctor in town immediately. Without much resistance this time, the doctor was seen and this time the student only had a matter of hours to live. Both times, Denise made the correct call, and both students lived because of the treatment.</p><p>During all these years, Denise learned a few things in practical applications. She has her LVN certification, FTC, BA in Linguistics, MAED. She also taught CPR classes for the American Heart Association, as well as for the American Red Cross and is also certified as Health and Wellness Coach.</p><p>Denise Y Thomson enjoys working with people, sharing her tools to help them live a happy, healthy and balanced life. Her passion is sharing and educating people and making a difference in this world.</p><p>Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor; therefore, these are experiences and suggestions I am sharing with you. Please check with your doctor before doing anything that could harm you.</p><p></p>