About the author

George Kinghorn

<p>I was born the village of Cruden Bay, 26 miles north of Aberdeen in 1938.</p><p>When I was about two we moved away and I was brought up in a farming community. Left school at fifteen and moved to England to learn a trade.</p><p>&nbsp;Most of my life I have been involved in Aero, Auto or general engineering.<br /> While working for myself I designed and built specialist equipment for the disabled, converted vehicles and installed stair lifts.</p><p>I live in a small town in Lincolnshire, married to Lorraine, have a daughter and a son, five grand daughters and one grandson, three great grand daughters and four great grandsons.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> When I was 69 I was abducted and taken against my will. As a result of the trauma I suffered PTSD, it was suggested, as a therapy, I write about the kidnap incident.</p><p>I have written several books, mostly crime thrillers but have not yet been able to write about my kidnap ordeal. I will review and update the books, the first will be available by end of 2017 as an E-book.</p>