About the author

Brianne Earhart

<p>Brianne Earhart spent most of her childhood dreaming up stories.&nbsp; She would pretend there were knights and fairies living in the woods behind her house, her animals could talk to her, magic was a superpower, and that her imaginary friend really did have a house in that fallen tree across the horse trails.&nbsp; Struggling with learning disabilities throughout her schooling, she was very insecure because reading was a challenge.&nbsp; Her imagination and creative expression were her safe place and creating stories through works of art, her liberation. After years of self-education, she had enough confidence to trade her paintbrush for words and create The Moldara Series.</p><p></p><p>Brianne Earhart loves being outdoors, creating art, all things yoga, and dark chocolate.&nbsp; She lives with her husband, Tony, and their 5 kids by a lake in Northern Idaho.&nbsp;</p>