About the author

Mary Vraa

A Midlife Woman herself, Mary has led a blessed life yet also experienced customary heartaches and challenges: divorce, cancer, job furlough, and loss of a loved one. These are the things that can hold us back unless we refuse to be defined by those events. So each time, she shifted and moved on to create a new chapter!<br><br>As a former small business owner helping Seniors transition to older adult communities, she observed firsthand the universal difficulty with making endless downsizing decisions. That was her light bulb moment to re-focus on Women in their 50's because Empty Nesters are perfectly poised to live lighter! And starting sooner is the key to uncovering where we want to head next!<br><br>Mary is a certified Senior Move Manager and an accredited Master Life Coach. She continues to guide women with downsizing and decluttering through her writing and speaking. She currently resides in Arizona.<br><br>For more Clarity concepts and FREE resources, head over to www.shiftyourstories.com/&nbsp;