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Bruce D. Clark

<p>I was born in state far away in the early 1950s while my father was getting his masters degree in geology. I spent my formative years in Indian and Spanish uranium boom towns in New Mexico. I went to high school in Oklahoma. I worked my way up in the oil field to be a supervisor of offshore operations on international assignment.</p><p>I saved enough to pay for law school. I obtained two law degrees.</p><p>I managed a policy unit for the State of California and provided guidance and instructions on compliance with federal and state healthcare initiatives.</p><p>Retirement from that position allows me to pursue more enjoyable writing projects.</p><p>I have a Facebook page where I can post high quality, color images. The email button works. If you see something you like and want to see a better version, I can post full size pictures to an album or send it by other means. https://www.facebook.com/2BruceClark/</p><p>I'm willing to discuss professional grade photo papers or Gicl&#233;e.&#160;</p><p>Thanks for looking.&#160;</p>