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R.M. Doyon

<p><strong><em>ABOUT THE AUTHOR</em></strong></p><p></p><p>R.M. Doyon has been a journalist, speechwriter, public relations executive and author for nearly four decades.&nbsp;</p><p>A graduate of The University of Western Ontario and Carleton University&rsquo;s School of Journalism, he began his career with the <em>Ottawa Citizen</em> before becoming a political reporter and Parliamentary Bureau Chief for <em>United Press International</em>. After UPI, Doyon wrote for <em>The Vancouver Province</em>, <em>Maclean&rsquo;s</em>, and <em>The Financial Post</em> before serving as a speechwriter and communications advisor for two Canadian government departments. He is the co-founder of High Road Communications, a successful public relations firm.</p><p>Inspired by true events, <em>Upcountry</em>, his debut novel and a story of love, revenge and redemption, was released in October, 2010. Set entirely in Upstate New York, <em>Upcountry</em> has received rave reviews from around the world. His 2013 sequel, <em>Thou Torturest Me,</em> continues the narrative of the tragic Schumacher family, introducing the struggle between an Amish man and an &lsquo;English&rsquo; girl, setting in motion a bigotry-driven clash of cultures and violence.&nbsp;</p><p>His third and final installment in his Upcountry Series, <em>The Beginning Game</em>, was published in November, 2016. &nbsp;It recounts the mission of a bitter young man, first introduced in <em>Thou Torturest Me</em>, exacting revenge on those he feels responsible for the twelve-hundred-and-seventy-seven days he spent in an upstate New York prison.</p><p>A father of two and grandfather to four, he and his wife, Shelley, split their time between the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River and the California desert.</p>