About the author

Diana Persaud

<p> Diana Persaud is an author of erotic romances. She has written several novellas and is working on a dozen more.</p> <p> Diana has a degree in science from Stetson University. She gave up teaching to pursue her dream of being an author of romance novels. The inspiration of her first novella, Lucien&rsquo;s Mate, came from her own experiences. Like Lanie, the central female character in Lucien&rsquo;s Mate, Diana also heard warning bells when she first saw her husband. After a much longer pursuit, she finally agreed to be his mate.</p> <p> Diana would love to hear what you think of her novellas.</p> <p> <u>Connect with Diana:</u></p> <p> www.facebook.com/diana.persaud.146</p> <p> blog: http://dianapersaud1.wordpress.com/</p> <p> Follow Diana on Twitter @LuciensMate to receive tweets about Giveaways, New Releases and exciting new Indie authors.</p> <p> Don&rsquo;t forget to check out her web page dedicated to Lucien and his pack, dianapersaud.weebly.com.</p>