About the author

Yasmin Jasmy

Yasmin’s heart is most content when she is creating content from the heart. She discovered her passion for words while studying a postgraduate course entitled “Reflective and Creative Practices for Social Change” at the Institute of Development Studies based at the University of Sussex.<br><br>Yasmin has been writing poetry since 2019 – it helps her speak what her mouth won't say. Since then, writing has brought her great relief and empowerment.<br><br>She is the creator of <strong>Pause </strong>and the host of the Pause with Yasmin podcast. She grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.<br><br>As a lifelong learner, Yasmin completed the following courses: Science of Happiness (by UC Berkeley), Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach, and Meditation Guide.<br><br>Before choosing a writing career, Yasmin worked as a consultant at Ernst &amp; Young and as a research assistant at United Nations University.&nbsp;<br>