About the author

Dawn Husted

<p>Dawn Husted has a degree from Texas A&amp;M University. In September 2018, she was nominated as a panelist for Teen BookFest by the Bay.</p> <p>When not writing, she&rsquo;s either camping or dreaming about camping. She lives in central Texas with her husband, two kids, a feisty black cat, and an adorable golden retriever.&nbsp;<br> <br> Her readers will find twists and turns around every corner! She loves to know what readers think of her books, so reach out at the connections below or write a review.<br> <br> How to connect with Dawn:<br> www.dawnhusted.com<br> www.AWordyWomansGuide.com</p> <p><br> Twitter: @TheDawnHusted<br> Instagram: TheDawnHusted<br> Facebook: DawnHusted</p>