About the author

Shavonda Robinson

<p>Shavonda Robinson is an author of</p><p>Thy Paintbrush Of Abstracting Images.</p><p>Hidden Voices Of Abuse For Women All Around The World.</p><p>Your Worst Nightmare.</p><p>I am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl.</p><p>Moving Phrases Into Inspiration.</p><p>Wear Your Purpose Like It&#39;s A Fashion Statement.</p><p>Poems Cries Out Beautiful Songs.</p><p>Saving Our Youth.</p><p>Love Scenes.</p><p>She is an award-winning, published songwriter and poet.</p><p>She has published in many anthologies and magazines.</p><p>She has a degree in Creative Writing.</p><p>She is the founder of &quot;Creative Something For The Future&quot; an online poetry magazine for upcoming poets and writers.</p><p>She has two beautiful children.</p><p>She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.</p>