About the author

Randy Wilson

<p> Randy Wilson moved to the Philippines in 2001 and is now retired living on a remote island. He has become somewhat of an expert on the Philippines because of the many years he has lived there.</p> <p> Randy has written many books about the Philippines now published in several languages and they all provide valuable up to date information and tips for those who either visit the Philippines, or for those who are considering retirement in the Philippines. His books are current and full of straight forward talk and good information.</p> <p> <br /> Randy has books of Fiction like Hard Times, but he also has non fiction books like the two books on cooking for beginners. He has 5 volumes of Poetry for those of you who enjoy poetry. His poetry is more like a collection of short stories than anything else.</p> <p> Randy loves to hear from his readers and loves to answer questions about the Philippines for those thinking about making a trip or moving permanently. You can write to him at storybrookphilippines@gmail.com</p> <p> If you want to see what Randy has been up to in the last few years in the Philippines and see his plans for 2014 please visit specialgiftedblessed dot com</p>