About the author

Hera Anderson

<strong><em>Her first debut thriller TRAFFICKED landed in the top 1000 in two days on Amazon and other outlets!&nbsp;</em></strong><br><br><strong>NOMINATED&nbsp;</strong>2021 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing!<br>Hera Anderson is originally Bulgarian and now lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. For over fifteen years, Hera has worked in the entertainment industry as a performer, and film producer. A creative soul who always has been passionate about creating, Hera decided to try her hand at writing. She quickly fell in love with the craft and with the feeling of dreaming up stories. She found many things that inspired her to write. Witnessing a particular interaction, walking along the beach, listening to a song that stirs her, something she sees first hand in the world, or in the news or television. Hera’s debut novel is a thriller. As a queer/transgender woman, it was important to Hera to provide her LGBTQ readers with a story they could resonate with.&nbsp;<br><br>When she is not writing or working, Hera loves to travel and take in new parts of the world, especially various beaches. She is a nature enthusiast who enjoys hiking and swimming. And as an actor, Hera is passionate about curling up and watching movies, both new and her old favourites. Hera loves the feeling of being surrounded by her family, friends, and loved ones. If they are eating her favourite Mediterranean food while they are gathered together, that’s even better!