About the author

Sandie J.G.

<p>I am a food, and health enthusiast with consummate cooking skills. I began cooking at the age of 12 and developed a passion for culinary. As a problem-solver, I used food as a tool to curb weight loss and boost optimal health. I am most passionate about cooking home-cooked meals, Haitian food and creating recipes for weight loss. Consequently, being in the kitchen has also helped me lose weight, going from 270lbs to 220lbs.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>Being a wife of a United States Marine, I have traveled widely, exposing myself to different cultures, food, and recipes. While proficient in a variety of cuisines and modern culinary techniques, I create meals that promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits. However, I focus on cooking on deliciously functional foods that boost optimum health and wellbeing.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>My meals contain high nutritional value, inspired, creative, and highly nourishing. I delight in helping people eat healthier and live happier. Presently, I am working towards refining the way people think about food by assisting them to cultivate a healthy eating habit while maintaining enthusiasm for delicious meals. I bring an exquisite palate, dedication, and creativity to everything food and health.</p>