About the author

Vanessa Brooks

<p>Vanessa Brooks is an American author from Buffalo, New York. She specializes in books on arts and crafts with a heavy focus on origami, macram&#233;, and cricut. Her latest project combines her lifelong passion with writing in the hopes of connecting people to the beauty of simple artforms that can be created with paper, scissors, and other household items.<br/> With a degree in foreign languages, Vanessa was fortunate to participate in the Erasmus program. Not only did it allow her to spend two years in Zaragoza, Spain, but it also gave her a thirst for other cultures. The opportunity to completely immerse herself in the rich history and tradition of the Spanish people is by far the most rewarding experience of her life.<br/> She has since returned to Buffalo, where she teaches Spanish, but her one true love will always be inspiring her passion for home crafts in those she meets. A true woman of the world, Vanessa believes that the only way to have a fulfilling life is by giving back to others. Not only are her designs and creations easy to make, but they are also the perfect opportunity for family bonding.</p>