About the author

Amir Brown

<p>Amir Brown is an up and coming American author, creating a painful and gripping retelling of the event that led to his demise: The Cobra Files. Amir was born and raised in Delaware where he endured most of his trials and tribulations that inner-city living delivered daily. After a few times of being separated from his family due to incarceration, he managed to find his hidden talents as an inspiring author in a six-by-eight foot cell. He has a deep passion for speaking to troubled adolescents, traveling on a path of destruction, and studying business and financial literacy. A very loving father of two, Amir has a nine-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son. &#8220;My kids are the roots to my ambition and hunger for prosperity.&#8221;&#8212;Amir Brown</p>