About the author

Laila Cole

<p>Hello everyone!<br /> <br /> I am an author who loves strong, dominant men, and if they happen to be rich or ride in a motorcycle club, well, that&#39;s just an added bonus!<br /> <br /> My stories are filled with suspense, intense situations, twists, and turns.<br /> <br /> One year ago I left the suck of the finance industry to pursue my dream and my passion, which is turning my fantasies and dreams into novels. There are more stories bouncing around my head than I could tell in a lifetime, though I&#39;m certainly going to try to tell them all!<br /> <br /> As an added bonus. All of my stories exist in the same universe...so don&#39;t be surprised to see a cameo here and there. Don&#39;t forget to sign up for my mailing list for updates on new releases.<br /> <br /> Laila Cole<br /> Mailing List:http://eepurl.com/bqLWpf<br /> mslailacole@gmail.com<br /> <br /> xoxo</p>