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Sadie Grubor

<p>Sadie Grubor is a Haribo Gummy Candy Whore &amp; a foul-mouthed writer of smexy times and characters who typically have immature and inappropriate humor. Yes, this is a reflection of her.&nbsp; She can only hope you respect her in the morning, but doesn&#39;t expect it.</p><p></p><p>At some point, she may offend you.&nbsp; Yes, she realizes this and owns it.&nbsp; Trying to change this outcome has proved futile in the past.&nbsp; It&#39;s best to just let her trashy mouth weed out the classy folk. Everyone is better off that way.</p><p></p><p>www.facebook.com/groups/GruborGroupies<br /> www.facebook.com/authorsadiegrubor<br /> www.facebook.com/sadiegrubor</p><p>www.twitter.com/sadiegrubor<br /> www.sadiegrubor.tumblr.com</p><p>www.instagram.com/sadiegrubor<br /> <br /> BLOG: www.booknerdrevelation.com</p>