About the author

Roger Golden Brown

I was born to a British mother and a father whose family tree goes back to the 1500's in America. I grew up in the woods, north of Seattle. I was raised a Quaker. My father was an inspiration in every sense, a spiritually oriented man of high integrity. Also my entrance onto the Earth scene was timed to be someone born to be at the heart of the hippie movement and to contribute to helping the world change for the better. I was also born an Aquarian. And I embrace that as I identify physically as a world citizen and spiritually as a player in the greater scheme of things.<br><br>I have lived in many places, done quite a potpourri of work, and have known many unique individuals. Amidst the variety that spiced my life an integral part of a significant period of time was writing in journals. This started on San Jaun Island in Washington State in 1975. Through good times and hard times I wrote almost daily for over 20 years, recording observations, thoughts, feelings, dreams (both the nighttime and the aspirational varieties), and experiences; both physical experiences and some more etheric experiences.<br><br>Using entries from my journals as a starting point and elaborating on them, along with that which I have incorporated during those potent years of my life, I have put together writings that make up my books that are available in print as well as ebooks (featured in the Other Books by Roger Golden Brown carousel above) .<br><br>In recent (21st century) years, it has become clear to me that the Aquarian age of Harmony and Understanding will not be possible until some of the pressing political issues are dealt with, and my focus has changed. Feeling the need to address world affairs I have also written four books, (available only as ebooks).<br><br>