About the author

Nathan Palmieri

<p>Nathan Palmieri is an expert on dark psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and mind manipulation. He has always been drawn to the secrets and deepness of the human mind and behavior. That is precisely why he dedicated his extensive career to researching behavioral patterns and learning how the human mind works.<br/> <br/> During his search for the key to unlocking the human mind, he acquired invaluable knowledge and skills - which he now aims to share with other people. He believes that his teachings will serve as guidance for other people to improve their lives and find an easy way to achieve their needs and dreams.<br/> <br/> Nathan's goal is to share the knowledge and skills with other people not only through words but also through the practical exercises of dark psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.<br/> <br/> He wants for other people to be able to protect themselves from manipulators and emotional leeches that are lurking in the world. Also, he wants to teach other people to lead happier and fruitful lives with the help of dark psychology practices and techniques.<br/> <br/> When Nathan isn't writing books or speaking at seminars, he likes to travel around the world and soak in the beauty of nature and humans that are making this world truly unique.</p>