About the author

Emma Kincaid

<p>I love telling stories. From when I was just a little girl, sneakily watching soap operas and reading romance novels behind my mother&rsquo;s back, I&rsquo;d always been fascinated with the imaginary worlds and characters some writer had dreamt up in his/her head. As such I became obsessed with the idea of writing my own stories and creating my own characters and imaginary worlds for them to dwell and exist in; I enjoy peppering their lives with conflict and drama and watch them come alive on the pages. There&rsquo;s an indescribable joy that comes with watching it all unfold right before my very eyes.<br /> <br /> My head is always abuzz with new story ideas and I am excited about sharing them with all of you, so please stay tuned, and be sure to join my mailing list to keep informed of upcoming new releases!</p>