About the author

Nicole A. Jones

<br>Dr. Nicole is a writer, entrepreneur, and esteemed author of a collection of fiction and non-fiction books. She started writing as an outlet to relieve herself of the pain after the loss of her dad but over time had accumulated hundreds of writings in the form of poems, songs, and journals.<br>Dr. Nicole believes in writing clean, wholesome, and easy-to-read books that are both high-quality in message as well as material. Her books are compelling tales, with family-friendly storylines that are enjoyed by an array of readers. Her captivating narratives are full of three-dimensional characters, continuous processes towards learning, and illuminating life lessons.<br>Dr. Nicole believes books are the communities writers create. So, she aims to create better communities through positive and uplifting messages in each of her writings. Though some of her books are faith-based books that are intended for adult and young adult audiences, Dr. Nicole primarily writes children's books that are designed for children and parents (or caregivers) to read, hear, and discuss together. Her books aim to help expand young readers' vocabulary while also promoting engaging dialogue between younger and older audiences.<br>For more information about Dr. Nicole and her books, please visit www.enprosebooks.com.