About the author

S.M. Pratt

S.M. Pratt is a single woman looking for more than love. Before the world changed, she used to lead a nomadic lifestyle. Fun adventures and unique cultural experiences were always at the top of her agenda, no matter the country she happened to be visiting. She thrived on traveling the world on her own, learning new languages, and living in the moment.<br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;<br>Her unstoppable wanderlust and international experiences inspired her ongoing episodic saga, which starts with <em><strong>The Stewardess’s Diary</strong></em> (first season) and continues with <em><strong>The Diary Obsession</strong></em> (second season). S.M. Pratt’s exciting tales feature characters exploring their sexuality, living outside societal norms, and enjoying polyamorous relationships (mostly of the FFM variety).<br>​​​​​​​<br>Visit <strong>https://smpratt.com</strong> to learn more about her and her books. You can also download a free erotic story when you subscribe to her mailing list.​​​​​​​