About the author

J. F. Gonzalez

<strong>J. F. Gonzalez</strong> (1964-2014) was the author of over a dozen horror and dark suspense titles including <em>Primitive</em>, <em>The Beloved</em>, <em>Fetish</em>, <em>Survivor</em>, and is the co-author of <em>Clickers II: The Next Wave</em>, and <em>Clickers</em> <em>III: Dagon Rising</em> (both with Brian Keene). His short fiction is collected in <em>Old Ghosts and Other Revenants</em>, <em>Maternal Instinct</em>, <em>When the Darkness Falls</em>, and <em>The Summoning and Other Eldritch</em> <em>Tales</em>. In addition to these, he wrote non-fiction, screenplays, technical manuals and other corporate communications, and the occasional ghostwritten writer-for-hire novel.