About the author

Nina Rae

Nina is a working medium and teacher of holistic healing, spiritual &amp; personal development.&nbsp; Her belief is that we are spiritual beings experiencing a human life. Her books have some of the experiences she has had in life and how she has overcome them. She has studied with several great mediums / teachers and has used that knowledge to help others with their spiritual development. <br> <br> Living in the Highlands of Scotland, gave Nina great inspiration for her books.&nbsp; Nina loves to read and has now gone one step further and written her own book, which started out as a short story and concluded with the first two books.&nbsp; Nina has always felt an affinity with the gypsy way of life and on researching for this book realised that a lot of their beliefs are very similar to her own. <br> <br> Nina now lives in Norfolk, where a new series of books are in the making. <br> <br> She hopes that you enjoy the journey these books take you on and that you can learn something from the lessons her characters had. <br> <br> <strong>LIFE IS A LESSON OUR SPIRIT HAS CHOSEN TO TAKE IN HUMAN FORM.</strong>