About the author

Celia Hayes

<p>Celia Hayes has always been passionately interested in the history of the American frontier. She was brought up in an eccentric, baby-boom family which formed the basis of a memoir, <em>Our Grandpa Was an Alien</em>. She earned a degree in English, served for 20 years in the US Air Force, and another ten years as a secretary and office administrator in various large and small business enterprises. Currently, she is the owner of Watercress Press, a small local subsidy press specializing in local history.</p><p>Her first novel, <em>To Truckee’s Trail</em>, grew out of a fascination with the California emigrant trail. The Adelsverein Trilogy, and its companion novels – <em>Daughter of Texas</em>, <em>Deep in the Heart</em>,&nbsp;<em>The Quivera Trail,</em> <em>Sunset &amp; Steel Rails, and The Golden Road</em>&nbsp;drew on an interest in the German settlement of the Texas Hill Country, and the dramatic sweep of history in the Lone Star State. She has also authored a collection of adventures intended for younger readers, <em>Lone Star Sons</em>, set in the time of the Republic of Texas. With her daughter, Jeanne Hayden, she has also co-authored the Luna City series:&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>Chronicles</em>&nbsp;<em>of Luna City</em>, <em>The Second Chronicle of Luna Cit</em>y and subsequent volumes of comic short stories set in present-day small town South Texas.&nbsp;</p><p>More about her writing is at the websites www.celiahayes.com and www.lunacitytexas.com.</p>