About the author

Carrie Wexford

<p> An L.A. native, Carrie Wexford is an author of contemporary and historical fiction.&nbsp; Her recently published work includes Meet Me After Work, the story of a successful career woman waiting for a marriage proposal, Fab or Flab, the adventures of an actress struggling to make a comeback, and Wolves Behind You, a modern classic suspense thriller about West Coast Mafia call girls.&nbsp; Carrie&rsquo;s current project is an historical novel about a young actress in 1920s Los Angeles.</p> <p> Visit Carrie&rsquo;s blog for new book releases and promotions:<br /> http://carriewexford.blogspot.com<br /> Follow her on Twitter @CarrieWexford<br /> and on Facebook www.facebook.com/carrie.wexford</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p>