About the author

Harrison Kitteridge

<p><!--StartFragment-->When I was a child, I wanted to be a detective, and I learned to read upside down, track people using their reflections in shop windows and take fingerprints using talcum powder and sello (scotch) tape.&nbsp; (My parents were smart enough to keep me away from Plaster of Paris.) &nbsp;I even started a Young Detective&rsquo;s Club (yes, I was <em>that</em> kid).&nbsp; We disbanded after a few weeks because of a dearth of cases.&nbsp; I&#39;ve never lost my interest in crime-solving and there is always room in my life for another police procedural.&nbsp; So, I suppose it&rsquo;s fitting that my first novel is my take on the world&rsquo;s most famous fictional detective.&nbsp; I am both an old school Sherlockian and a Johnlock shipper.<!--EndFragment--></p>