About the author

Michelle Umland

<p>Like most writers, I began reading and writing at a very young age. At the age of four, I was more interested in what my older brother and father were reading, picking it up when they weren&#39;t looking! Old Mother West-wind stories were a favorite alongside numerous works of noted poets and authors(which I&#39;m not sure I can mention.)By the age of eleven, I had written several poems and essays, molded under my father&#39;s guidance. Being an English major, it wasn&#39;t an easy task. As I got older, my interests shifted to the fiction genre, mostly suspense with a thread of romance, intrigue, and mystery. I chose a strong female lead in the Willow Lake Series. Sage, is haunted by a dark and painful childhood. After years of struggle, she moved to Manhattan, built a career, and began enjoying her new life, putting it all behind her. After a devastating loss, events unfolded, bringing to the surface her haunting past, family secrets, and ultimate betrayal. It&#39;s a fast-paced, suspenseful story within a story.&nbsp; Unbelievable twists and turns take you on a journey you won&#39;t soon forget.<br /> &nbsp;My next book Journey Beyond The Moon is a pleasant mix of fantasy and historical fiction. Hanna, the lead character, is a strong, determined, temperamental, young woman, with an edgy wit, facing the hardships of growing up a dirt farmer&#39;s daughter in the mid-1800&#39;s. Devastating circumstances shadow her small, valley town, pushing her to make the ultimate sacrifice, taking her on a journey above and beyond belief. A</p>