About the author

Gareth Worthington

<p>Gareth was born in Plymouth, in the United Kingdom. Following a turbulent start to life, he managed to obtain a bachelor&rsquo;s degree in marine biology and a doctoral degree in comparative endocrinology&mdash;all the while, writing fiction for the sheer joy of it.</p><p>His love of science and writing kick-started a career as a medical writer for the pharmaceutical industry. After 10 years in the business, living in various countries, he is now a strategic consultant to pharma companies. Formerly residing in Singapore Gareth is now based in Switzerland with his wife Dominica, their son Nikolaj.</p><p>Despite his heavy workload, Gareth believes in making every second on Earth count. With this ethos, he continues to pursue his love of writing as well as an array of interests including: music (he taught himself to play guitar); martial arts (he practices Muay Thai with world-champion Thai fighters); ancient history (he travels to the old world to explore olden ruins); and tattoos (ask and he might show you).</p><p>Gareth is currently writing a fictional thriller that draws on scientific fact, ancient myths, and a dose of creativity to re-imagine the development of the human race.</p>