About the author

Alison Young

<p>Alison Young is a highly skilled veterinarian who has spent the large part of her life professionally caring for, and training, dogs. &nbsp;She started as a child on the icy coasts of Maine, helping locally with what dogs her neighbors and family couldn&#39;t handle, until she was old enough to be properly registered. &nbsp;Because of her dedication to her work and animals, Alison graduated at the top 5% of her class with honors.<br /> She now lives in bright and sunny California with her busy family of 3 daughters (ages from 6 to 13, a couple of which are looking to follow their mother&rsquo;s footsteps), two adopted dogs (rescues) and her lone cat who to this day also seems to think it&rsquo;s a dog. &nbsp;When she&#39;s not working full-time as a veterinarian, or bustling around with her busy household, she works hard to ensure everyone who has a dog can care for it and ensure that it and the owner are happy. &nbsp;<br /> She has written several professional papers on this topic and is always eager to expand to people who are outside of the field as well. Alison is a strong believer that pets are part of the family and that there&rsquo;s no such thing as an animal that&rsquo;s a lost cause.</p>