About the author

G.K. Lund

<p>G.K.Lund is an independent fantasy author with a love of old stories and folklore; anything that's dark, weird and wonderful. It's a good thing then that G.K. is based roughly somewhere in the realms of Scandiwegia where old myths are plentiful. G.K. has a background in archaeology (dirty nails and all) and will probably have to put an archeologist into a story one day. Until then, potty-mouthed and kickass characters with other jobs will have to face high stakes and save the day.<br><br>​​​​​​​You can find out more about GK’s books at https://gklundwrites.com/fiction/ and you can also sign up for updates, news, and a free urban fantasy novella at http://my.gklundwrites.com/books-and-news.</p>