About the author

James R. Tramontana

<p>James R. Tramontana is a writer, a rocker, a nerd and a nice guy. His notable victories include winning a ghost chili eating contest, a fight with an entire toga party and a mime competition. He is the creator of Ace Tucker Space Trucker, the number one science fiction audio drama podcast made by one lone person. In addition to writing, editing, scoring, and sound designing the show, all characters are performed by Tramontana. The novelization of Ace Tucker Space Trucker season one achieved number one status in Amazon&rsquo;s Science Fiction/Time Travel category, beating the granddaddy of sci-fi, H.G. Wells upon its release. His past and present bands include Spitvalves, Alias Clark, Red Hot Rebellion, Craterface, and Prime Floridian. He lives in Centerville, Ohio with his wife and dogs.</p>