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chakrapani srinivasa

<p>Chakrapani Srinivasa (Padmaja), Freelance journalist from India possesses Bachelor degree in Engineering (B.E) and Post graduate in Business Management (MBA) with Distinction. He has worked as Associate Editor of &lsquo;Naradar&rsquo; fortnightly journal in Chennai, India. He is the Senior Editor of the journal &ldquo;The Divineness&rdquo;.</p> <p>Contributed articles, short stories and travelogues in leading journals like Ananda Vikatan, Kumudam, Savi, Kalki, Dinamani Kadhir, Dinamani daily, Idhayam Pesukirathu, Naradar etc</p> <p>He has written articles and e books through Smashwords Inc, Kindle Direct Publishing, Atlanta publications, Cooperjal publications (UK), lulu.com, ezinearticles.com, shvoong.com, iproclaim.com (USA) and TCC news (Germany).</p> <p>He is the Consulting Editor: Contemporary Who&rsquo;s Who-Research Board of Advisers of ABI, USA.</p>