About the author

L.Douglas Winchester

<p>I started writing as a kid but because of my dyslexia I mostly couldn&rsquo;t read my own writing after it had gotten cold.</p><p>I was never at the front of the class but I was treated as borderline unteachable because no one knew what dyslexia was and it was hard to explain that when I looked at six plus six I saw nine plus nine.&nbsp; I knew that six plus six was twelve but when I saw nine plus nine I also knew that was eighteen, and often as not was written as eighty one.</p><p>Reading didn&rsquo;t make much sense either, I didn&rsquo;t read a complete book until I was fifteen, or was it fifty one, but I still remember it.</p><p>You learn to cope, still today I have difficulty reading my own shorthand and my wife balances the check book.</p><p>Without spellcheck I would still not be able to put down my thoughts, dreams and hopes. Without it my stories would be just a jumbled mess of letters.</p><p>I love that I can share my stories and hope that someone will enjoy my imaginary friends as I enjoy sharing them.</p><p>Sometimes even spellcheck can&rsquo;t find my words&hellip;so&hellip;if you come across something backwards it&rsquo;s probably just me.</p>