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Rhona Jordan

<p><strong>Imagery &ndash; The Oldest Form of Healing on the Planet - </strong><strong><em>15 Healing Reasons to Use Your Imagination y Rhona Jordan </em></strong>C.GIt., C.CHt. Humans have always used their imagination, even before they had a language. Imagery is proven to release natural feel-good chemicals in the body, helping you to manage pain, illness, anger, stress, addiction, sleep, surgery and grief.</p><p></p><p>In this thought-provoking Itty Bitty&reg; Book, Rhona Jordan identifies 15 reasons to use the power of your mind, among them: Heal at home with no down time, side effects, or added expense. Manage chronic and acute pain. Reduce or eliminate stress, fear or depression. Improve brain health. <strong>Pick up this book today and learn to use your imagination as a powerful resource for healing.</strong></p>