About the author

Amy Ruth Allen

<p>I&#8217;m an American girl who&#160;grew up overseas, riding elephants in Thailand, dancing around the Maypole in Sweden, drinking tea in the United Kingdom, and touring castles across&#160;Europe. In these&#160;foreign (to me) and exotic locales, books were both my anchor and my escape. They connected me to my native land (and English-speakers in general), while introducing me to worlds even more awesome than the ones I lived in. Fast forward to present day in Minneapolis,&#160;Minnesota, where I&#160;am the author of the small-town romance series&#160;<em>Finch&#8217;s Crossing</em>, seven non-fiction books for young adults, and the young adult novel,&#160;<em>Stealing Away</em>. In addition to writing fiction, non-fiction, and my&#160;blog, I support fellow indie authors by reviewing indie books.</p>