About the author

C. Tarradell

Chris Tarradell was born in Miami, FL. He has been many things; a student, a salesman, an accountant. He aspires to be many more; a pianist, a bassist, and above all a storyteller.<br><br>A lover of all things fantasy (an avid reader and writer of fantasy, self-confessed show and movie watcher of fantasy, and gamer of fantasy), Chris is currently working on three series.<br><br>‚Äč<strong>A Tale of Two Fools</strong> - An epic saga of fantasy and mythological creatures.<br><br><strong>The Sand Rogues</strong> - Heist fiction at it's finest - the adventurous journeys of a relatable band of thieves and rogues.<br><br><strong>We Are Not Welcome</strong> - A post-apocalyptic piece of Sci-Fi fiction, set in a dystopian world where technology has failed and ceases to exist.<br><br>Chris lives in Miami with his wife and family. He loves to hear from fans, readers, and peers - reach out!