About the author

Deven Kane

<p>Deven Kane has been honing his writing chops ever since junior high school. He&#39;d barely started eighth grade when he submitted his first science fiction novella to a publishing house.</p> <p>As he soon discovered, thirteen-year-olds rarely become published authors, but the editor encouraged Deven to keep writing.</p> <p>&quot;That was good advice,&quot; Deven says now. &quot;Although for me, it&#39;s almost impossible <em>not</em> to write.&quot;</p> <p>Deven enjoys reading across many genres, but finds his writing groove in the science fiction / supernatural thriller end of the writing pool.</p> <p>&quot;Speculative fiction allows me to explore human nature, interpersonal conflicts, the desire to rise above our circumstances, and the obstacles that hold us back,&quot; he says.</p> <p>&quot;No matter the setting&mdash;Earth&#39;s near future, the past, or an alien culture on another planet&mdash;the most compelling stories are always about our interactions with each other. The good, the bad, the ugly, and our need to transcend.&quot;</p> <p>He pauses, looking out the window, before adding with a wry grin, &quot;I&#39;m not suggesting other genre authors aren&#39;t pursuing the same writing goals. It&#39;s just that, in my case, speculative fiction is <em>way</em> more fun.&quot;</p> <p>Almost as much fun&mdash;one might suspect&mdash;as writing his own biography in the third person.</p>