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Pam Love

<b>Love!</b>&nbsp;I brlieve in the power of Love. The Light of Love sparks Positive Energy.<br><strong>Simplicity!&nbsp;</strong>Life's challenges can become overwhelming at times and we have to remind ourselves to keep things simple.<br><strong>Positive Thinking!&nbsp;</strong><em><strong></strong></em><strong><em>Everything is Consciousness. </em></strong>One of the life lessons I've learned is that the way you perceive and understand things in life matters. What you think manifests the reality you live in. I overcame a five-and-a-half year life challenge through changing my thought-pattern and with the help of some other holistic tools, including meditation. The shift in my reality for better began when I shifted my consciousness. At points, during those years, I felt stuck and that it was near impossible to get out of that reality I was living. Nevertheless, I kept certainty that I would overcome my circumstances. <br><strong>Self-empowerment!</strong>&nbsp;I now understand that Positive thinking is vital to creating life the way you want it to be. Obstacles, challenges, no longer seem impossible to move out of the way. Feeling and thinking that you're "stuck" is transformed into being excited about the changes you're making.<br>Publishing my e-books is one of the transformative areas in my life. My e-books written for teens, adults and children are intended to creatively inspire more simplicity, self-development and Positive Consciousness.<br><br>Peace and Light<br>