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Steve Porter

<p>Refuge Ministries</p><p>Steve &amp; Diane Porter are founders of Refuge Ministries. They believe that, through the presence of God, healing takes place. They have a passion for conducting presence-driven intimacy conferences, missions, and restoration ministry. They reside near Rochester, NY &#160;</p><p>Steve's Bio</p><p>Steve has written many books and has a special anointing to bring forth the deep truths of the Spirit, with a clarity and simplicity that draws one up into a closer walk and deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. His speaking engagements take him internationally. Steve's passion is reaching people through social media,&#160;conference speaking, and writing devotional books that draw the reader into the very presence of God. His latest devotional "He Leads Me Beside Still Waters: 50 Love Letters of Healing and Restoration from our Lord" is a special <strong>prophetic devotional where you</strong>&#160;<strong>will find Jesus in the pages of this book</strong>. Steve is a regular contributor to many prophetic publications including the Elijah List, Spirit Fuel and the Identity Network. &#160;His writings have been read worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people.&#160;&#160;He also has been interviewed by the Trinity Broadcasting Network and a few other TV programs. Steve's books, articles, and videos have touched countless lives around the world.&#160;</p>