About the author

Randal Sloan

<p><strong>I am the author of two future Sci-Fi thriller book series that speculate at just what might be possible. </strong><br><br>Years ago when I started university studies, I was in a physics program, ready to split the atom and study the wonders of our awesome universe. &nbsp;But alas, I wound up in engineering for more practical reasons, paying the bills. &nbsp;From there I moved on to computers and software development, but I have always tried to keep up with scientific developments and space exploration. &nbsp;Some of those ideas that just may be possible led to the books you're seeing.<br><br>I have over the last few years tried a number of interesting things, such as writing an iPhone app, trading stock options, and building a therapy pool at my home, but now I have returned to my first love - &nbsp;writing, something I started in the fourth grade of elementary school. &nbsp;Although that book never made it past my handwritten pages, due to the power of self-publishing suddenly it's possible to share some of my joy of writing with you.<br><br><em>Join in with me as I envision the future. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do!!</em><br></p>