About the author

Ricki Dagosta

<p>I initially began writing simply to exercise my imagination, and soon became more serious about it after taking&nbsp;several creative writing courses at Kennesaw State University. I&nbsp;later&nbsp;studied under the guidance of Ms. Sandra Chastain, a local published author of numerous romance novels. Eventually, frustration derailed me and I gave up. Even though I regretted doing it, I now realize the timing wasn&rsquo;t right for me.</p><p>Years later I discovered the amazing book,&nbsp;&lsquo;You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life&rsquo;, by Jen Sincero. Jen, in her infinite wisdom, lit a fire under me, and I picked up where I had left off with my writing, this time under the guidance of published author and &lsquo;Literary Midwife&rsquo;, Mary Rosenblum, an editorial savior of sorts. Mary guided me in my quest to write a proper story by honing my prose, plots, and characters.&nbsp;</p><p>Since then, I have learned the &ldquo;Indie author&rdquo; is in charge of her destiny, and assistance is plentiful. Independent authors love to help one another along the way. Without them, I would be lost.</p><p>Thanks to my readers for giving my first book a chance. I appreciate your time and feedback.</p><p>&nbsp;More to come. Soon.</p><p>&nbsp;Ricki Dagosta</p><p><br /> &nbsp;</p>