About the author

Sable Rose

<p>Sable Rose is Africa&#39;s No. 1 Romance Writer. She&#39;s the author of the popular Unhinged Trilogy erotic romances.</p><p>She revels in being different. Her passion is writing and she writes only what her characters tell her to write. She writes morning, afternoon, night. Who needs sleep? Yes, she&#39;s a writing addict. In between writing-phew-she also reads-a lot. And watches lots of TV and movies, dances, listens to music and dreams of one day being able to find time to learn both pole-dancing and belly dancing.</p><p>She adores traveling, has visited over 15 countries and has formed friendships with people of varying cultures.</p><p>She uses these experiences to craft her stories. Sable Rose lives in Lagos, Nigeria. No dogs yet. Definitely, no cats.&nbsp;</p>