About the author

JBS Palmer

<p>JBS Palmer is beginning his eighty-first year, drifting down Time&#8217;s River, through which flows the nearby Spokane River in north Idaho.&#160; He is a graduate of Oberlin College and has a PhD in biology from the University of Oregon.&#160; He retired from a career in science before the turn of the century.&#160; Since then, he has meditated on the relationships between science, philosophy and supernatural religion, filling legions of hand written notebooks.&#160; In his seventies, he got smart and began writing in prose, leaving his geeky notebooks behind, and has composed the yet to be critically acclaimed semi-historical, apocalyptic, saga, <em><strong>A Tale of Two Times</strong></em>, which is being released one chapter a week from his Substack website.&#160; His turn to thought verse happened in his 80th year and condenses down his legions of note books into this modest mind-blowing chapbook, <strong><em>Old Wine and New New Wine</em></strong>.</p>