About the author

G.Rosemary Ludlow

<p><strong>Biography </strong></p><strong>G. Rosemary Ludlow</strong> is a former schoolteacher with a deep love for storytelling and teaching children to read. She is honored and grateful that her first book in the <strong>Crystal Journals Series</strong>, A Rare Gift<strong>, </strong>was<strong> shortlisted</strong> in 2017/18 for<strong> </strong>a<strong> "Chocolate Lily Book Award" </strong> <br><br>When she isn’t thinking up new and wonderful stories, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, flying in helicopters,sailing in boats, and taking lots of pictures. The 3rd book in the Series, "Lady Knight" has also been <strong>shortlisted</strong> in 2018/19 for<strong> </strong>a<strong> "Chocolate Lily Book Award" </strong><br>