About the author

Rupert Colley

<p>Rupert Colley was born one Christmas Day, which means, as a child, he lost out on presents. Nonetheless, looking back on it, he lived a childhood with a &quot;silver spoon in my mouth&quot; - brought up in a rambling manor house in the beautiful Devon countryside. It&#39;s been downhill ever since.<br /> <br /> He was a librarian for a long time, a noble profession. Then he started a series called History In An Hour, &quot;history for busy people&quot;, which he sold to HarperCollins UK.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Rupert now lives in London with his wife, two children and dog (a fluffy cockapoo) and writes historical fiction, mainly 20th century war and misery.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You can get &#39;This Time Tomorrow&#39;, set in World War One, for FREE by signing up for Rupert&#39;s mailing list at:<br /> <br /> https://www.instafreebie.com/free/qUaX5.<br /> <br /> Historical fiction with heart.</p>