About the author

Glen Weissenberger

<p><strong>The always-entertaining Glen Weissenberger may be a new novelist, but he&rsquo;s hardly new to writing: the Harvard-educated law professor and former law school dean has published hundreds of books on courtroom evidence, and as an expert in tales &quot;stranger than fiction,&quot; now brings his four decades of experience to his cleverly crafted, thrillingly romantic novels of suspense.&nbsp;</strong></p><p>Glen&rsquo;s passions range widely: he is an accomplished magician working on a nonfiction, popular culture book that is a fun and scholarly review of how magic is depicted in Hollywood films; an enthusiastic chef with a top-notch smoke-detector installed; a vintage car aficionado; a&nbsp;fighter for social legal&nbsp;advances; a world traveler; and a fan of a well-aged scotch.</p><p>He would love to hear from his readers <strong>@weissenbergerjd,</strong> on Facebook at <strong>&quot;Glen Weissenberger - The Weissenberger Artistic Alliance,&quot;</strong>&nbsp;and on LinkedIn!</p><p>Also please contact him directly at <strong>The Weissenberger Artistic Alliance</strong>, <strong>&quot;A</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Creative Cultural Consortium for Charitable and Developing Artist Support&quot; </strong>(glen@weissenbergerartisticalliance.com). &nbsp;</p><p><strong>The Alliance, supported by sales of his novels,&nbsp;funds&nbsp;Glens&nbsp;charities and provides educational stipends (workshops, weekend retreats, and the like)&nbsp;to emerging multi-media &quot;Citizen Artists&quot; (Yo-Yo Ma&#39;s term), those artists&nbsp;dedicated to using their gifts&nbsp;to advance social justice.&nbsp;</strong></p><p>Glen lives with his family, including his beloved, work-interrupting parrot Louie, in Chicago.</p><p></p>