About the author

Ashley Chappell

<p>Ashley Chappell writes satire and young adult epic fantasy featuring expansive world-building and universes filled with magic, mayhem, and monsters.</p> <p>Upcoming releases include&nbsp;expansions of her YA Fantasy Dreams of Chaos series and&nbsp;<em>Hawk of Hell:&nbsp;</em><em>The Harrowers Book 1,</em>&nbsp;a gritty adventure in which Hell is a job for life. Or rather, a job for the afterlife.</p> <p>Ms. Chappell currently resides in Huntsville, AL. When not writing, reviewing, or burying her nose in one of her well-worn Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman novels, she can be found sailing with her husband on their boat &lsquo;Dupracity&rsquo; (fans of Kurt Vonnegut may recognize the root of the name).</p>