About the author

Ryne Douglas Pearson

<p> Ryne Douglas Pearson is an accomplished novelist and screenwriter. He is the author of several novels, including <em>Cloudburst</em>, <em>October&#39;s Ghost</em>, <em>Capitol Punishment</em>, <em>Simple Simon</em>, <em>Top Ten</em>, <em>The Donzerly Light</em>, <em>All For One</em>, and <em>Confessions</em>. He is also the author of the short story collection, <em>Dark and Darker</em>. His works have been translated into Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Polish, French and other languages. His novel <em>Simple Simon</em> was made into the film <em>Mercury Rising</em>. As a screenwriter he has worked on numerous movies. The film <em>Knowing</em>, based on his original script, was released in 2009 and opened #1 at the box office. Receiving Four Stars from Roger Ebert, who branded it &#39;among the best science-fiction films I&#39;ve seen&#39;, it went on to earn more than $180 million worldwide. He has also done uncredited work on films such as the remakes of <em>The Day The Earth Stood Still</em> and <em>The Eye</em>.</p> <p> Despite the often &#39;dark&#39; nature of his novels and films, Pearson has been noted to have a &#39;sweet, disarming quality&#39; by Entertainment Weekly-an accusation he has been unable to shake. When not writing he is usually thinking about writing, or touting the wonders of bacon in online conversations. He is addicted to diet soda and the sound of his children laughing. A west coast native, he lives in California with his wife, children, a Doberman Kelpie and a Beagle Vizsla.</p>